Saturday, January 30, 2010

Now that the harsh stuff is over, here's a little about me...

I hate routine and structure, so this challenge is going to be extra hard for me.
I want to live my life on the road, but being in university makes that hard, I suppose.
I'm from the Australian bush, but the beach is where my serenity lays. I love my country more than any other and am proud to call my self an aussie. But I want nothing more than to backpack Ireland, and Europe in general.
I love nothing more than to read a good book, go for a swim and chill in my hammock after a long days adventure.

Peace :)
Let's do this the proper way.
This blog will be following my 12 week lifestyle challenge, intensely hopefully, as I plan to post up a lot of detail from each day. What I ate, what exercise I did, what I'm reading, how I find peace amongst this busy world.

Let's get a few things straight.
I chose to call it a lifestyle challenge, rather than just a weight loss challenge. Why? Because I think nothing is more stupid than intense time frame diets and exercise regimes, which are abandoned the second a person gets down to their ideal weight. Remember people - there is a reason why the name 'yo-yo dieting' was invented.
I plan not to just lose weight and tone up, but to change my entire outlook on life. What's the point in looking good if you feel bad and are unhappy? I want to be a more peaceful person as well, so what I do and read are important in this journey.

Also, just to put it out there. This is NOT a challenge for an obese person to become a skinny mini. This is a challenge for an average weighted person to still be an average weighted person. I don't want to be stickly thin. I want to be fitter and toner and curvier. So don't follow this if you're hoping for ideas to not eat altogether. My way doesn't work like that.

My aim.
Current BMI: about 25.2 (more than I thought before. All this time I thought I was taller than I was :p)
BMI aim: 22
Weight to lose: 8.6 kilos (19 pounds)
Time frame: 12 weeks - which means losing 1.5 to 1.6 pounds per week
How: Exercise - Gym classes, treadmill and bikes, extra classes such as yoga, personal exercising such as walking
         Eating - Not cutting out food altogether, but eating healthy foods, healthy snacks, proper proportions, and a once a week snack reward - ONLY if the weekly weight is lost