Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day Five

Yesterday I gave my body a rest. I think it was asking for one. Of course I worked all day, which involved walking around and never sitting down. But I didn't go to the gym or anything.
I at fairly decent again too, but all in all, it was probably my worst day so far.

Now, the plans this weekend have changed. I'm not going away now. I am soooo bummed about it! I want to see my friend so bad, give her the present I put so much effort into :( But the weather here is crazy! We're getting the tail end of Cyclone Olga, as well as usual February humidity month, as well as usual Australian weather! We're in the middle of drought. Yet this week it has not stopped raining! And by raining, I mean torrential! There was a landslide not far from here because of it, which caused a train derailment, which in turn meant havoc for commuters trying to get home because the trains had to stop! And last night, the highway from here, and another 40km north was closed because it was flooded! We never get floods because we live too high up. So crazy. So it's not really safe for me to drive down there in this, because the roads are so steep and windy, and I'm not a terribly safe driver at the best of times :p

Although that means I'm bummed, it also means I can go to the gym for a lot longer, and not have little car snacks or anything! Might be going out tonight for a birthday dinner though, but I'll be good. And because I'm driving there will be no alcohol for me :)
So, I'm leaving to go to the gym in about 30 minutes, and my plan - 30-45 minutes on the treadmill, mixture of running, incline and medium-fast paced walking. Hopefully will knock off about 5kms. Then doing a Body Balance class, which is a mixture of pilates, yoga and tai chi. It's sooo wonderful! It's not really a cardiovascular exercise at all (which is why I always make Body Balance days treadmill days as well), but you can really feel it in your muscles. My stomach always feels it the next day more than any other class!
I suggest anyone to give it a go if they have it in there area! It's part of the Les Mills programs.

I'm feeling really irritable today, it sucks. I think it's because of not going away, I really didn't feel like being home this weekend, I need to get away from people's cynicism, it can really bring others down! But I don't have many, if any, friends where I live now. They're all from uni and living so far away, so it sucks. That is why I am going to MAKE myself go to this dinner tonight with local people, and hopefully be confident and social and lift my spirits a bit.

Until next time,
Peace :)

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