Friday, February 5, 2010

Day Four

Okay, quick update for day 4 this morning, because I was too tired to do it last night.
So I did well again. Did my Body Pump class even though I could have fallen asleep driving down there.
I honestly don't know why I am so tired all the time lately, but it's really affecting me. I'm hoping my body is reacting to the extra exercise and everything, and will get better as it falls into the routine a bit more.

Went to the shops last night with my mum :) And picked up a few necessary things.
Some proper joggers for the gym!! When I did my 10km run the other day I was watching in the reflection as my ankles rolled in with every move, thinking 'ooh thats gonna hurt later'. And it did! I probably could have pushed out for a little longer, but my feet and ankles were just so sore!
My mum bought them for me, they were $200 reduced down to $150. I am sooooooo grateful she bought them! There is NO WAY I would ever be able to afford something like that! But they will probably last me forever now!

She also bought me...

Nature's Way protein shakes. Tastes like a milshake, but not! Full of vitamins and protein. They can be used as a meal replacement or supplement. I was going to have one this morning because it should fill me for a while at work. Can't wait to try it!

And finally - I wasn't going to go to the gym today, it was going to be my day off. But I decided I might for for a quick 30minute treadmill run to try out my new joggers :p

Also, I'm facing a challenge this weekend. I'm driving down about 2 hours to visit my best friend who moved out this week. I'll still go to the gym before I leave saturday morning, and I never go sundays anyway, so that's okay. But... I'm hoping I keep to my healthy eating! I cannot by car snacks or anything down there, okay? Wish me luck!

Peace :)

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  1. haha I am the WORST for car snacks :p

    Just bring a bunch of carrot sticks or something! Or even just some unsalted nuts.

    I've been wanting to give a protein shake a try! I've heard good things. I'm thinking it may help your muscles repair a bit faster, too.