Monday, February 1, 2010

Day One

Reporting in for day one!
So, I'm pleased to say that I made myself go to the gm despite how tired I was come 5.30pm, and how I was so tempted to be lazy! But I went, did Body Pump class, first time in like a month or more so my weights were a little lower than I had gotten up to. I'll list my current weights below so I can keep check and make sure I'm improving!

Food wise, however, I could have been a little better. I didn't really have junk food or anything, I just know I could do a bit better as I get into this more. But the time shall come! I'll keep a food diary when I'm not feeling so lazy, maybe I'll post it up tomorrow. It's night time now, I'm laying in bed and don't feel like thinking too much :)

Tomorrow's plan: I got a call from my boss today asking if I can help at work tomorrow 12pm, and I panicked for a second thinking I wouldn't be able to go to gym like usual Tuesday mornings. But where there's a will there's a way! I'm going to the gym, doing my treadmill run/incline walk/medium paced walking for 4-5km and then doing a Body Balance class, which is a mixture of palates, yoga and tai chi, and then having a quick shower at the gym, throwing on my work clothes, jumping in the car and driving straight to work. Then driving to the second hand bookshop after work to get myself a light hearted book for once. I'm thinking a Nicholas Sparks romance to keep me company while chilling on my hammock :)

Body Pump current weights:
Squats - 12kg
Chest - 7kg
Back - 10kg
Triceps and Biceps - 7kg
Lunges - 7kg
Shoulder - 7kg

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow to update on if I kept up my challenge, and what book I decided to get!
Peace :)

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