Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day Three - Ahh my legs! But it's wonderful! I was so tired after work today (I walked there and home) and I waitress so it involves standing and walking around all day. I was so tired that I almost didn't want to go to gym. I was even ready to fall asleep driving down there! But I want, I stuck it through, almost having to give up my legs were so buggered from today and yesterday's 10km treadmill workout. But I completed the Fat Burner class like I said I would :D How fantastic am I?!
Now all I have to do is the two classes tomorrow - an hour of Body Pump and an hour of Body Balance and I get friday off from gym before I go for another treadmill run saturday!

Food wise I feel quite happy with myself. I did have two lots of bread, which I was hoping not to. But wednesdays are hard because I have to have something filling before work because I don't get a break, then I'm starving after work so I usually have something that is lunch size again. (By lunch size for me, I just mean a sandwich though)
But there have been no unhealthy foods yet! (It's 9pm now) I almost caved straight after dinner and went for something sweet and unhealthy for desert. But by the time I finished cleaning up and had a shower, I got over the craving. Now all I want to have before bed is a nice cup of tea while I read my loooovely romance novel :p

AWESOME IDEA though... for those of you out there who have trouble not having desert. I read it in my gym's magazine and decided to buy some (I've had them before and they're delicious)
Yoplait brand yoghurt have a range of low fat (99% fat free) AND low sugar (69 calories per tub) Because let's face it, it isn't always the fat in foods that can make us unhealthy! And the best part is, they come in awesome flavours. Not just fruit ones, but vanilla annnnd even better cheesecake! So if you LOVE your desert but hate that it makes you feel guilty, or feel like crap with all the fat and sugar - try and find yoghurts like these! It seriously tastes just like a cheesecake, but with 1% fat and less than 100 calories. YUMMO!

Annnd finally - I've decided to weigh myself weekly, obviously. So next monday will be my first weigh in. I'm worried about what the scales might tell me - as in that I haven't lost. But I will also be doing measurements and taking another progress photo. I've decided that I will share the weigh in and the measurements each week, but not the photos yet.
I think measurements are verrry important in this process because let's face it, what they say is true muscle weighs more than fat. And honestly (because I've been upping the exercise and stuff for a little while now, not just this week) I feel like I AM seeing a difference in certain areas of the body. My legs are looking toner, especially the thighs and calves, and my triceps/biceps are becoming a bit more defined.
Hopefully the tape measure says the same thing, but I'll just wait till monday to see!
But even if it doesn't - I won't let it get me down. I will stay motivated because I can do it. I know I can.

Peace :)

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  1. Yayy! I love that feeling.
    And gosh I know what you mean about the muscle weighing more than fat! My weight hasn't budged in over a week, but my measurements keep getting smaller and I look better. It would be sweet if the scale could tell you how much fat you lost and lean muscle you gained :p