Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Two - 10km conquered!

Quick quick! Don't have long. It's only 9.15pm but I've decided I want to be in bed ready to sleep at 10pm tonight! Why? Because I don't sleep enough and am ALWAYS tired. I usually go to bed around midnight (when I don't have to do uni work as well) and my stubborn body clock always wakes up around 4.30-5am. So I get like 4 hours sleep a night.
So... NO MORE! As I've said this challenge isn't just about dieting and going through a pointless fad for a few weeks, it's about making lifestyle changes to be healthier AND happier. My first rule - Sleep more.

Today's recount
Anyway, a quick recount of today. I didn't end up doing my 30minute/4km treadmill workout and Body Balance class. I felt so bad, I went to the gym after work (after standing up and waitressing all day) and instead, did a 10 KILOMETRE workout! I'm sooo happy with myself!! I combined running, incline (up hill) fast paced walking and then medium to fast pace walking during these stages. I feel awesome! My legs are tired, my muscles hurt, and I'm tired. I couldn't be better :)
It was funny how it happened. I felt bad not going to gym in the morning I decided to do the treadmill for an hour instead of half an hour. But then, I got to about 5kms and thought to myself - you know? I'm going to go for 10. It was getting hard as I got to 7kms, but I pushed and pushed and waited till I saw the "Distance: 10.0" on the screen and was all happy. And then got to stretch off and go home!
I did realise one thing with that long run/walk though - I need to buy proper sport shoes. My dunlops don't support my feet and ankles enough. I need proper joggers, which unfortunately means spending more than $20, boo hoo!

Food wise I did great too! No junk food, no little snacks between meals and snacks. I had a bowl of cereal with half a cup of skim milk for breakfast. A wholemeal sandwich and a banana for an early lunch to fill me for work. After work I had a tub of low fat yoghurt, and a few rice crackers because I felt like something savoury. Then after gym I had dinner - a prawn and vegetable stirfry with just a honey sauce, and a small serving of rice. And because I've decided to go to bed real soon, I'm about to clean my teeth. And once my teeth are cleaned of a night I NEVER eat anything else. So it will stop any late night munchies I usually get :p

Tomorrow's plan
Work in the day again, then a Fat Burner class at the gym which goes for an hour. And I'll report on tomorrow's food in the next blog at the end of the day.

All in all I'm happy with today's efforts.

And for all the bookworms out there...
I decided to pick myself up a different book today. For some weird reason lately, I've felt like reading a light hearted Nicholas Sparks romance novel. I searched everywhere for ages and the only decent Nicholas Sparks one I could find in any bookshop was "The Lucky One". So I'm about to start reading it, and hopefully it will send me off to sleep.
I'll get back to you on whether or not it's a decent read!

Peace :)

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