Sunday, February 7, 2010

*Sings* It's raining again...

It's raining again... *sings*
This post isn't going to have anything significant about my 12 week challenge. Nothing to report on today. It's too early to say whether I ate properly or not today, and I'm not going to the gym or anything. It IS my last day of week one though!

So, I'm pretty glad I didn't end up going away yesterday. The weather is crazy! The roads are so dangerous, and half of them are closed because of flooding. So who knows whether I could have gotten home or not.
I went out last night though, I wasn't going to, I haven't been out with those people in so long, I was worried it would have been awkward and sucked. But... I had a great time!! It was totally normal! I was more talkative than I've been in a long time! :)

Days like today make me want winter just a tiny bit. A rainy sunday when I can just chill, read my book in room, looking out into the dark rainy whether, mmm. Drinking hot chocolate and burning incense. How beautiful!
But then I haaaate winter clothes so much! I love being able to go to uni in some shorts and a top, easy, done. You have to spend too much money in winter and think about it too much!

Okay, my little description just got me wanting my book and a hot chocolate. So, until tonight's update...

Peace :)

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