Monday, February 8, 2010


It seriously can't be this easy?!
First thing I did when I woke up was weigh myself. According to the scales I'm exactly the same, so my spirits dropped a bit.
I got a call at 7.30am while I was lying in bed listening to the rain - "Can you work today?" Me: *hesitant, thinks about money... "Yeah, when?" Boss: "As soon as possible"... Me: *Rolls out of bed and reluctantly gets ready for work* :p
So, with a bit of a rush in my movements, I took my measurements. And they are...

Hips: 92cm
Abdomen: 93cm
Waist: 71cm
Chest: 87cm
Thighs: 61cm
Arms: 64cm

Now, if you have a look at my starting measurements you will see that my...
Hips LOST 2cm
Abdomen LOST 3cm
Waist LOST 2cm
Chest LOST 3cm
Arms LOST 1cm
and just my thighs gained 1cm.

Seriously, it's only been one week - is it possible to have lost that many centimetres already? I'm sooo pleased if it is, and I have! But could I be wrong and just stuffed up on my measurements due to my tiredness and rushing?!
Seriously - please tell me what you think!

To settle myself, I'm going to measure again tomorrow morning when I'm more relaxed and awake and not on my way to work. I'll come back here and post up whether they're the same as today's or not.
I will be sooooo happy if they are!!

Despite the scale being its usually grumpy self, the measurements (if they're correct) have done plenty to boost my motivation, making me see YES it works! So, in about 30 minutes I'm off to the gym to do my Body Pump class.
As you can see I didn't get to do this morning's planned Body Pump and Fat Burner classes due to work. So I'll just have to do Body Pump for today.

Until next time,
Peace :)

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