Monday, February 15, 2010

Week Two RESULTS, and a bit of venting...

Isn't life funny?
Not in a 'haha, I'm so happy' kind of way. More in a 'how fucking hilarious' type of tone.
But seriously, sometimes I think I was chosen for petty bad luck. I certainly don't feel sorry myself, and I most definitely know the type of bad luck I am referring to is miniscule on a scale of life threatening.

But sometimes it just gives me the shits.

Take for instance, today. I was sick for a week last month, infact, almost exactly a month ago. Stuck inside like a computer geek, I could do nothing but just look at the sun outside. Finally, I decided screw this! And bought myself a hammock. The hammock arrived the following Wednesday. And the following Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and the next week, it torrentially rained every single day.
The hammock still unused.
Last week we see the first sunny day. A miracle! I run outside and put up the hammock. Then my phone rings "we need you to come into work today"...
Uh-huh, of course you do. God wouldn't dare give me a single day of something I want.
So, I leave the hammock once again.
I get home from work, and another week of rain starts.
Only today I wake up, to... a big yellow thing in the sky?! Took me ages to remember what it was called, dear sun. All morning I waited for the clouds to come, but they never did. So, out I go. Hammock goes up. Clouds come back.
Right now, I just nod knowingly, of course it would happen. Why wouldn't it?

Life is fucking hilarious.

I'm also sick again. Not bed ridden sick, but sick enough to pass out after 5 minutes of Body Pump. My stomach keeps cramping and spasming just frequently enough not to allow me to forget I'm sick.
If I'm still sick tomorrow, I will be mighty pissed. Just a month ago I had to miss a week of the gym from being sick, if it happens so soon again, I will sign a legally document which makes sure I am to never go to church or become a worshipper of this petty God and his games.

Oh right, on to that other stuff I am actually here for.

Just quick measurements this time, as the scales are still being stubborn as all hell. But hey, some centimetres are still decreasing. And I won't lie, I probably tried half as hard in week two as I did in week one. So, if all goes well and I'm not sick tomorrow, I'm picking up my game... BIG TIME!

Hips: 91cm (lost 1cm)
Abdomen: 90cm (lost 3cm)
Waist: 71cm
Chest: 87cm
Thighs: 61cm
Arms: 34cm


Hope I didn't bore or depress you too much with today's winning cynicism post. But let's face it...

Life is fucking hilarious.

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  1. Howdy! So I've nominated you for a creative writing award, check it out here!