Thursday, February 4, 2010

Realisation... and QUESTION!

I know, 3rd post today. What the heck?!
But as I sit here listening to my stomach beckoning it's lunch, I finally decided to share what I've discovered lately.
Since doing a lot more exercising I've realised my appetite has increased. Sounds like a bad thing, right? Well not really. See, I've always had a pretty slow metabolism, but I would eat anyway. My parents would serve dinner, and even though I wasn't hungry yet, I had to eat it anyway. So it kind of took away the whole 'eat when you're hungry, eat until you're full' idea.
But now I think I've started to increase my metabolism (I've read a change in exercise can do that). And it's good because now I am only eating when I'm hungry and I'm stopping when I'm full. So my portions are smaller, and I'm eating healthier because there's no random little nibblies between meals or snacks.

QUICK QUESTION - Totally off topic but something that bugs me to no end! How the heck do you get your earphones to stay in your ears when running?!?!
I did a whole 10km run the other day with no music and nothing to take my mind of what I was doing. It was so annoying!! So for you music loving runners out there - what's the secret?! Or do I just have super small ear holes? :p

And now for lunch!

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