Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yoghurt? Where art thou? :(

Noooo! I'm all out of yoghurt until tomorrow's grocery shopping!! Let's hope there's no cravings after dinner :(
Guess what? I re measured myself this morning, biting my nails, nervous, sweating, wiping the brow type of 'what if I did get it wrong and I didn't achieve anything?!' Okay, I wasn't that nervous, but I needn't be either. I lost the centimetres!! Woo hoo! Yesterday's measurements were right, so in comparison to the first measurements, I did in fact accomplish something. 12 more weeks of this and I should be pretty happy.
I have to have a little talk with the scales though. Those scummy bastards are stubborn as all hell!

Today I had the day off work, my poor bank account is lonely, but I enjoyed not serving copious cups of coffee to undeserving customers. Due to said day off, I once again found myself at the gym this morning, rather than sucking up the comfort of my lovely bed. I almost didn't go. I am just so bloody tired lately, it's terrible! But I made myself. I can honestly say I didn't put 100% effort into my treadmill run, which disheartens me. But I did put a lot of effort into Body Balance, so hopefully my invisible abs will be feeling it tomorrow!

Now, onto the tired thing. I need help with this. I have not been this tired since highschool when I was going through a growth spurt and beautiful hormonal changes. But, I'm tipping it's not that again. Unless I'm changing into a man this time?
If not, what could it be?! My main thought was the whole change to my lifestyle all of a sudden. See, I've been on holidays from uni for ages now, and for about a month I wasn't going to the gym or doing much exercise. I went on holidays and then was pretty sick for a week or so. And now, all of a sudden, I'm doing intense workouts pretty much everyday, on top of walking around waitressing all day too. And I'm trying to eat better, obviously, but maybe I'm not replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods that have enough protein, carbohydrates, calories even? I'm being serious here.
So if anyone who even reads this can PLEASE PLEASE tell me what foods are healthy but nutritious enough for a young person doing a lot of exercise and is on the go quite a bit. I'm worried what I'm taking out isn't going back in and so I'm just drained. And I reeeally can't afford to be feeling like this when I go back to uni in March, I won't be having anytime to take little naps here and there! So vitamin me up people!

Peace :)

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